Work parties are back on as normal (10:30, First Saturday of the month).  Please bring your own gloves/tools to reduce need to share.  (Note change for May 2023 (Monday 8th rather than Saturday 6th)



David Cramp did a Bird survey on the 18th of May


The Cheltenham to Banbury Railway line was featured on Channel5’s “Walking Britain’s Lost Railways” on 11th December 2020.  There were a few shots of the Pilley Bridge Nature reserve, including a mention of the mural under Pilley Bridge.

This is now available on the Channel 5 catch up service.



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2 thoughts on “News

  1. Please can you inform me of the plans to extend the nature reserve from the ponds to the rear of 22 to 28 Pilford Avenue. We have recieved correspondence from the council stating that they wish to erect a 6 foot fence at the rear of our properties
    on the boundry of the the orginal railway line. In consideration of the Council plans we want to know if we need to make our properties secure.

    Thank you

    Mrs Brenda Jones

    • The actual nature reserve already occupies all the land along to the iron bridge at Old Pats.
      The council fencing plans are, I believe, in response to some adjacent land owners encroaching onto council property.
      The Friends of Pilley Bridge Nature Reserve currently have no plans to open up the area beyond the ponds.

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