2 thoughts on “2018 bird survey results

  1. Hello,
    I am replying here as I wasn’t sure of the best place to ask this question.
    Are there any plans to extend the nature reserve and paths to Sandy Lane? This would make a lovely connecting path along the base of Leckhampton Hill, considerably opening up (non road) walking options in the area.

    Many thanks

    • Hi, this topic comes up fairly regularly, I shall try and summarise:
      There is a need to balance two conflicting needs:
      1) keeping the wild end of the reserve for nature, particularly those species that are shy of people and/or persecuted
      2) providing access and safe routes for members of the public to enjoy nature, which would also increase usage and awareness of the reserve
      There is also the maintenance issue – the friends group currently holds a work party once a month (first Saturday of the month, 10:30-12:30) – we can cope with what we currently have, but probably not a lot more.
      Also the nature reserve currently stops at the (currently closed) iron bridge, at the back of Old Pats – beyond this (onto Sandy Lane) is owned/used by Old Pats so beyond our control.
      The current view is that we should concentrate on what we have.

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